Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh the Drama!

I can't even begin to tell you the drama I deal way too often. Let me try to explain this one as nicely as I can. Easter plans were changed do to the fact that Griffin was sick. Jodi did not want Griffin around baby Jacob for fear he would get sick. Understandable? Yes. A little paranoid? Maybe. But that isn't the drama. I had no problem staying home with Griffin. But after talking to Jonny and the boys we decided it wasn't fair that Ryan and Jonny get to go to Easter at Grammies and Griffin had to stay home. So, we all would stay home. As we tell Jonny's mom (Lynda) she gets upset and tells us that Jodi changed her mind and wouldn't mind us going down even with Griffin being sick. Not that I didn't believe her but I told her I didn't want to bring Griffin and have Jodi be worried and uncomfortable the whole day. Jonny and I then come up with a great idea that we would do Easter dinner and the egg hunt on Monday. The boys were thrilled because the still get to go to Grammies and Jodi won't have to worry about Jacob getting sick. Everyone, including Lynda seemed content with the idea. So off we went to celebrate Easter at my sisters house with my large, rather crazy family. Now, we had a blast (other than my sisters puppy endlessly jumping on Zachy and scratching his face), dinner was great the boys played outside with their cousins and we had wonderful conversation. Not once did we think about bad feeling surrounding Easter at Lynda's. When we get home it was another story...we walk in and find that Lynda had brought all the boys Easter presents including the eggs for the hunt on the kitchen table. The boys got upset...they were not happy to have their stuff here. They wanted to go to Grammie's in the morning like we had planned. To me and Jonny it was kind of a slap in the face. Jonny was upset and angry. Does it end there? Oh no! Ryan calls Grammie because he wants her to come pick up the eggs and hide them at her house so they could find them in the morning. Jonny then speaks to her and she tells him we were overreacting. WE were overreacting! I don't think so. We just did what was asked of us, keeping Griffin away from Jacob. Somehow along the way we became the bad guys. Not that there was anyone involved that should have been "the bad guys". But there we were...the ones that were overreacting and messing up Easter. For some reason, Jonny's family likes the drama. Instead of just being happy we could do it another day, the drama had to be brought in. So today when we were supposed to be at Lynda's eating and watching the boys find eggs, we are home, angry because we have to explain to the boys that Grammie is not in the mood to have us. I just want to scream "stop the attitude and drama and lets just live".

This story may seem minor, but this is always what happens. Plans change and send the Melen'stale spin. And Jonny says my family is crazy. Well we are, we just don't let the little things effect us because we have to deal with the big things.
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  1. So, instead of being mad, just breath and have a fun time with "your family". Have another egg hunt, play games or sing songs. Remember, you would have been the same way as Jody, she is new to all of this. Lynda is being Lynda, you are not going to change her and don't forget that she does wonderful things. It hit her wrong, like we all experience. ( one caring about Ma) but hey that is THEIR problem not yours. Its OK and tell the boys they are still loved, don't have them all upset at Lynda.