Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another round of Croup.

We just got back from the Dr with Zachy. He has Croup again. I think this is the 3rd time (he is only 12months old). He is on oral pred. again. This poor little guy just can't seem to catch a break. He was usual happy self this morning in between coughing fits but the Dr took one look at him and knew he was sick, it is all in his eyes. Those sick baby eyes just break my heart. He smiles and tries to giggle which turns into coughing. As you might guess we did not sleep much last night. I sat in the rocker in his room holding him upright for a while so he could breath. That damn "floppy airway" (tracheomalacia)...
A night or two after
Zachy was born he was breathing really funny. I called the nurse who thought it was just a bit of fluid he was trying to work up, but noted it in his chart. The next day the Dr listened and told me not to worry, he just has a floppy airway or tracheomalacia. Just meaning that his airway has not developed yet and most babies have no problem with it and out grow it within a year. At each apt since then the Dr makes sure to listen to it and it never gave us a problem. Other than a lot of noise when he would sleep or nurse (remember the squeak when he nursed) when he was little. The last time he had a cold the Dr said she could hear the squeak of air pushing through his airway that was still "floppy". It would collapse a little especially when laying down. Well today she told me that his airway is still a little immature and that when he gets a cold or the croup his airway is inflamed, giving it less room for air when it collapses. Again nothing to worry about just that is why he can't sleep laying down when he is sick. But he should be growing out of this problem soon. His lungs are nice and strong so when his airway collapses he can push it open with his breathing. It really doesn't effect us other than when he is sick and it really has not been a problem. I never think about it, I just always assumed he couldn't breath because of the cold (just like any other kid). Anyway to make a long story short...He is finally his crib and I got to update my blog and now I would like to take a nap. Hopefully Jonny will not be mad that I haven't folded any clothes.

Sleeping in Mommy's arms. How sweet is he!



  2. What an amazing combination of Ryan and Griffin. Feel better Zachary (and Dawn).

  3. Will you all please get well soon!!! Jake and I miss you and want to come over and visit.