Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Zachy Update

Yesterday we had Zachy's 1 year old well child visit. Well it was suppose to be a well child visit, but he has been running a fever since Sunday. The doctor decided not to give him the vaccinations but to do the physical and check his ears and what not. He weighs 19 lbs 15 oz which is the 10th percentile, and is 29inches long which is the 45th percentile. That is just like his brothers.
While the Dr was doing the physical she found that he has a swollen spleen. As she was feeling the swollen organ she was not positive it was his spleen or kidney. Dr. A decided to order an ultrasound to find out what is swollen and why. She really thinks it is just the virus that is causing the high fever is also causing a swollen spleen, but she wants to be safe. We ran a urine culture to rule out an uti and kidney infection (I just heard from them that was negative). I asked the Dr what else could cause his spleen to swell if it was not a virus. She really did not want to tell me because if it is not a virus then that leaves the big scary things (which I will not even write about). I told her I am one of "those" parents that will just go home and research it and scare myself so she might as well tell me. She did get a little laugh out of that and we talked about what else it could be. She did reassure me that she really thinks it is just a virus, but rather be safe than sorry. I agree. I have to say I am worried, after all he is my baby and there is a chance (very small) that it could be more than the virus. But I do believe that it will be nothing more than a virus and he is just fine. As a precaution please say a little prayer for Zachy (it couldn't hurt). We go Friday morning at 8 am for the ultrasound. He can't have anything to eat or drink for 4 hours before the appointment. He will not like this. He still nurses and has been nursing a lot because he hasn't been feeling well. Now I am off to clean the kitchen.

***Pray for Stellan***

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  1. We will be praying that all comes out right! Take care and God Bless