Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Peaceful Baby

Easter is huge. This is an amazing day in all of our lives, but I never knew that until recently. Or should I say I knew what it was about but never "felt" the importance of Easter until recently. This morning was wonderful. Except Griffin threw up in the hallway. Thankfully it was just juice (white grape) and cleaned up easily. Church was great, my sister Gia and brother-in-law Jeff were there. It was so nice to share the morning with them. Also my sister-in-law, Jodi, brought baby Jacob to church for the first time and my mother-in-law Lynda joined us. The sermon by Rev. John was just great as usually. When he speaks it touches me deep inside. His words mean so much to me, because he speaks just what I have been feeling. The choir in out church is beautiful and the hymns we sung today gave me chills. The only thing that would have made it better was if my husband was with us. Unfortunately, he was home with sick Griffy.
We are now just hanging out waiting to go to my sisters house. Zachy is down for a nap and then off to Ellen's house to enjoy company of my large family and many yummy dishes. Griffin hasn't been sick since first thing this morning. Maybe it was just that his big cup of juice on an empty stomach did not agree with him. He has been bouncing off the walls. I can't wait until he can play with his cousins later. We missed going to Jonny's moms because Griffin was sick and we didn't want to chance Baby Jacob getting sick. So, we are having nice relaxing time at home, but the boys are so bored (I can't wait until we go to Ellen's).
I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter. Oh and did I mention it is my Birthday!

***Remember to keep Praying for Stellan***

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