Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We are truly blessed...

What a wonderful weekend we had. I truly feel blessed. It all started Saturday morning...
I decided to join Grace Congregational Church a while back, and Saturday morning was the new member class. Over the week I had talked to Jonny about joining with me. He was really unsure of his beliefs and had a lot of questions regarding faith, church and God in general. I asked him to do the new member class just because it was important to me and would love to have him there with me. On top of making me very happy I told him it might answer some of the questions he has. Jonny did come with me on Saturday morning and had a really good time. He hit off with Rev Jon (who couldn't, he is one of the most wonderful guys I know. Not to mention very funny) and enjoyed talking with the other new members. We learned a lot about Grace Church and the UCC. Grace has a wonderful history, it really blew my mind just how rich Grace's history is. The class confirmed my decision to join the Church and gave Jonny the little push to making his decision to join.
After the class we had a wonderful time with my sister Gia, who lives in Maine. She made the trip down to be here for the Baptism of me and my boys. I can't tell you how much that meant to me.
Sunday was the induction of new members to the Church and our Baptism. It was such a nice service. The boys behaved beautifully and the Baptism was so moving. I was the first one Baptized. While Rev. Tracy was placing the water on my head, Zachy was watching every move she made. When she was done he started wiping my head to get the water. It was just so cute. Griffin and Ryan were next and the answered Tracy's questions about wanting to be Baptized and marked as children of Christ very well. I am so proud of them. Rev. Tracy took Zachy out of my arms and held him while she Baptized him. I was a little nervous that he would cry and scream, but it was just as calm and relaxed. As she placed the water on his head he put his little hand up to feel the water. It was just a perfect ceremony. After all that Jonny and I, along with his sister Jodi and about 11 others were announced as members of the Church. Yes, Jonny joined the Churh with me and the boys. Rev. Tracy and Rev Jon and the whole congregation is just so welcoming. After the service we had a receiving line in fellowship hall and every member came up and welcomed us, introduced themselves and congratulated us. It was such a special morning. I will never forget it.

After having such a nice morning, the afternoon and evening could have went down the drain in comparison. But it was just as nice. We had family over for Ted's pizza (which is hands down the best pizza). Then off to an early bed time.

You would think that I should be grumpy from the lack of sleep. Zachy has been waking up all night long for weeks. It is getting old, but even without the sleep I need this weekend was just amazing. Thank you everyone that was part of it.

***Please Pray for Stellan***

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  1. Wish we could have been there! Is Jonny joining the Church an April Fool's joke? Congratulations to everyone!